Tourist fuming as hotel guests block every single sunbed – despite reservations being banned

Tourist fuming as hotel guests block every single sunbed – despite reservations being banned

The enjoyment of a relaxing vacation can quickly turn sour when faced with unexpected challenges. One such frustrating situation that tourists often encounter is the unavailability of sunbeds at hotels, even when they have made prior reservations. This article explores the growing issue of tourists finding themselves without a sunbed, despite the ban on reservations, and the negative impact it has on their vacation experience.

Background on reservations ban

In recent years, many hotels and resorts have implemented a ban on reserving sunbeds. This decision was primarily made to address the longstanding problem of guests claiming sunbeds early in the morning by placing their belongings on them, only to leave them unused for hours. The practice led to significant frustration among other guests who were unable to find an available sunbed throughout the day.

Recognizing the need for a fair and equitable distribution of sunbeds, hotels introduced the ban on reservations. The idea was to ensure that sunbeds would be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, allowing all guests an equal opportunity to enjoy the poolside or beach amenities.

Tourist’s frustration

Many tourists have experienced firsthand the frustration of arriving at the pool or beach area, only to find every single sunbed occupied, despite having made no reservations. This situation not only goes against the established ban but also leaves vacationers feeling disappointed and disillusioned.

Imagine a tourist who wakes up early, eager to secure a comfortable sunbed for the day. However, upon reaching the poolside, they are met with a sea of occupied sunbeds, most of which are unattended. This scenario can be incredibly frustrating, as it robs the tourist of their chance to relax and enjoy the amenities they paid for.

Reasons behind blocked sunbeds

There are several factors that contribute to the problem of blocked sunbeds. One significant factor is the lack of enforcement by hotel staff. Despite the ban on reservations, some hotels fail to actively monitor and address the issue. This lack of vigilance allows guests to continue reserving sunbeds without consequences.

Additionally, some guests simply disregard the rules and engage in selfish behavior. They believe that their vacation experience takes precedence over that of others and choose to reserve sunbeds regardless of the ban. This lack of consideration for fellow guests creates a hostile environment and undermines the efforts of the hotel to promote fairness and equality.

Negative consequences

The consequences of blocked sunbeds extend beyond the frustration experienced by individual tourists. It diminishes the overall enjoyment of the hotel amenities for all guests. The limited availability of sunbeds forces vacationers to settle for uncomfortable alternatives or abandon the idea of spending time by the pool or beach altogether.

Furthermore, the scarcity of sunbeds can lead to conflicts and arguments among guests. Tensions rise as individuals compete for the few available spots, resulting in a hostile atmosphere that disrupts the tranquility of the vacation environment. Such conflicts not only affect the guests involved but also cast a negative light on the hotel, tarnishing its reputation.

Suggestions for improvement

To address the issue of blocked sunbeds, hotels need to take proactive measures. First and foremost, there should be improved monitoring and enforcement by hotel staff. Regular patrols of the pool and beach areas can help identify guests who violate the ban on reservations. Staff members should be empowered to intervene and remove belongings from unattended sunbeds to make them available for other guests.

In addition, hotels should consider implementing penalties for guests who persistently violate the ban. By imposing fines or other consequences, hotels can deter individuals from engaging in selfish behavior and encourage adherence to the rules.

Lastly, raising awareness among guests about the ban on sunbed reservations is crucial. This can be achieved through informative signage and communication during check-in or through the hotel’s website. By educating guests about the importance of fair allocation of sunbeds, hotels can foster a culture of respect and consideration among their clientele.


The issue of blocked sunbeds despite the ban on reservations poses a significant challenge for both tourists and hotels. The frustration experienced by vacationers and the negative consequences it has on the overall guest experience are matters that should not be ignored. By taking proactive measures to monitor, enforce, and raise awareness about the ban, hotels can ensure a fair and enjoyable vacation environment for all guests.


Why do hotels ban the reservation of sunbeds?

Hotels ban the reservation of sunbeds to promote fairness and equal access to poolside and beach amenities for all guests.

How can tourists handle the issue of blocked sunbeds?

Tourists can address the issue by informing hotel staff about blocked sunbeds, requesting their assistance in enforcing the ban on reservations, and suggesting proactive measures for improvement.

What can hotels do to prevent guests from blocking sunbeds?

Hotels can prevent guests from blocking sunbeds by implementing stricter monitoring and enforcement, imposing penalties for rule violators, and raising awareness about the ban through signage and communication.

Are there any legal consequences for guests who reserve sunbeds?

The legal consequences for guests who reserve sunbeds vary depending on the hotel’s policies and local regulations. However, hotels can impose penalties such as fines or even eviction for persistent violators.

Do all hotels enforce the ban on sunbed reservations?

While many hotels have implemented the ban, not all hotels enforce it strictly. Lack of enforcement can contribute to the problem of blocked sunbeds despite the ban.

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