Social Media Trends in 2023: What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Social Media Trends in 2023

Hello, Social Media Trends in 2023! Are you still using Facebook to poke people? Do you think Twitter is a place for intellectual debates about which ’90s sitcom was the best? Oh, bless your heart. The social media landscape is shifting quicker than a cat video goes viral. So, let’s catch up, shall we?

The Rise of the Audio

In the age of endless scrolling and 5-second attention spans, who’d have thought we’d be sitting and LISTENING to people talk for hours? Clubhouse said, “Why not?” and started the trend. Suddenly, everyone and their grandma (literally, my grandma is on Clubhouse!) are hosting audio rooms. The topics range from “Investing in Dogecoin” to “How to water your plants without killing them.” Audio is the new black, folks!

Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram is now leaning into what it should have been doing all along, actual reality. Filters are so 2019. Instagram users are increasingly embracing the #NoFilter hashtag. After years of inspiring unrealistic body standards and creating a ton of FOMO, Instagram is finally giving us some relatable content. High time, isn’t it?

Instagram vs. Reality

Forget TikTok Dances; It’s Time for DeepTok

So, you’ve mastered the Renegade dance and think you’re a TikTok pro? Enter DeepTok. This subcategory is all about philosophical thoughts, scientific explanations, and, yes, discussions about why cats are so obsessed with boxes. If Socrates were alive, he’d be a DeepTok star. You can quote me on that.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Takes Over

Remember when you could say you had a life outside of social media? Yeah, those were the days. Now, get ready to literally live inside it! With VR spaces like Facebook Horizon (Oops, it’s Meta Horizon now—can’t keep up!), you can interact with people as if you’re in the same room, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. Great for pandemic times, bad for laundry days because who’s gonna do those, right?

LinkedIn: The New Tinder?

We joke, but with the new “Let’s Grab Coffee” feature on LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to network. Or find a date? Look, all I’m saying is, if you find your soulmate while looking for a job, that’s a win-win. But please, for the love of all things professional, let’s keep those shirtless gym pics where they belong. Hint: Not on LinkedIn.

“Twitter Spaces” – Because Regular Twitter Wasn’t Chaotic Enough

Twitter has introduced Twitter Spaces, where you can now have audio conversations. Perfect for when you absolutely, positively must yell at strangers in real-time. What a time to be alive!

What’s Old Is New Again

Remember those old-school chat rooms? They’re making a comeback, but this time, with enhanced security features and a sprinkle of nostalgia. Talk about a blast from the past!

So there you have it! Social media is evolving faster than you can say, “Is Vine making a comeback?” (Spoiler: It’s not). Buckle up because it looks like 2023 is taking us on a wild ride. And for the love of memes, please keep up!

Catch you in the metaverse!

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