A good pair of noise-canceling headphones are a necessity when you’re on an airplane — here are our favorites

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones are a necessity when you're on an airplane — here are our favorites

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones can make a world of difference when you’re on an airplane. The constant engine noise, chatter of fellow passengers, and ambient sounds can quickly become overwhelming, making it difficult to enjoy your journey or get some much-needed rest. In this article, we will explore some of our favorite noise-canceling headphones that can provide you with a peaceful and immersive audio experience during your flights.

One of the top contenders in the noise-canceling headphone market is the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. These headphones are renowned for their exceptional noise-canceling capabilities, which allow you to block out the majority of ambient noise. The QuietComfort 35 II features advanced technology that analyzes and measures external sounds, then generates an opposing signal to cancel them out. This active noise cancellation ensures that you can enjoy your music, podcasts, or movies without any disturbance from the surrounding environment. Users have praised the superb sound quality and long-lasting battery life of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, making it a favorite among frequent travelers.

Another popular choice is the Sony WH-1000XM4. These headphones offer excellent noise-canceling performance combined with a range of smart features. The WH-1000XM4 utilizes dual noise sensor technology to capture ambient sounds and adjust the level of noise cancellation accordingly. The headphones also feature Adaptive Sound Control, which automatically adjusts the noise-canceling settings based on your environment. With a comfortable fit and exceptional sound quality, the Sony WH-1000XM4 has garnered high praise from users and is often compared to the Bose QuietComfort 35 II for its overall performance.

For those seeking a premium audio experience, the Sennheiser PXC 550-II is an excellent choice. These headphones combine exceptional sound quality with effective noise cancellation. The PXC 550-II features a unique NoiseGard technology that adapts to your surroundings, adjusting the level of noise cancellation as needed. It also offers a convenient touchpad control system, allowing you to navigate through your music or adjust settings with ease. Users appreciate the comfortable design and immersive sound experience provided by the Sennheiser PXC 550-II.

If you prefer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, the Jabra Elite 85h is worth considering. These headphones provide a great balance of noise cancellation, sound quality, and affordability. The Elite 85h, with its SmartSound technology, ensures optimal noise cancellation and sound reproduction by automatically adjusting the audio settings based on your environment. The headphones also boast an impressive battery life and durable construction, making them suitable for long flights and frequent use. Although not as widely recognized as some of the other brands, the Jabra Elite 85h offers excellent value for money.

In conclusion, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can significantly enhance your travel experience by creating a peaceful audio environment. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II, Sony WH-1000XM4, Sennheiser PXC 550-II, and Jabra Elite 85h are all exceptional options that provide excellent noise cancellation and audio quality. You have the flexibility to select the option that aligns with your preferences and budget, ensuring it caters to your specific requirements. Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and you’ll never have to endure the discomfort of airplane noise again.


Q: What are noise-canceling headphones? 

Noise-canceling headphones are audio devices designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted ambient sounds by generating sound waves that actively counteract external noise.

Q: How do noise-canceling headphones work? 

Noise-canceling headphones use built-in microphones to capture external sounds, analyze them, and generate sound waves with equal amplitude but opposite phase. These opposing sound waves cancel out the incoming noise, resulting in a quieter listening environment.

Q: Are noise-canceling headphones worth the investment? 

Yes, noise-canceling headphones are worth the investment if you frequently travel on airplanes or find yourself in noisy environments. They provide a more immersive audio experience and can help reduce stress and fatigue caused by excessive noise.

Q: Can noise-canceling headphones completely eliminate all airplane noise? 

While noise-canceling headphones can significantly reduce ambient noise, they may not completely eliminate all airplane noise. They are most effective at canceling out continuous low-frequency sounds such as engine rumble, but some higher-frequency noises or sudden loud sounds may still be audible.

Q: Can I use noise-canceling headphones with inflight entertainment systems? 

Yes, noise-canceling headphones can be used with inflight entertainment systems. Most modern aircraft provide audio jacks or Bluetooth connectivity for personal audio devices, allowing you to enjoy the entertainment content with your noise-canceling headphones.

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